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Twelve programmed home-study courses are available for your use.  No royalty fees are charged.  You are allowed to use them, translate them and adjust them to your culture under the following conditions:
     (1) You must get written permission to use them.
     (2) You may not sell them at a profit.
     (3) You may not change the doctrine within the lessons.
     (4) You must use them in a leadership training program, preferably the three-step method, and not simply as Bible teaching guides.

To obtain permission to use these courses, send an e-mail to
robertsheffler@yahoo.com.  You must give the following information:
     (a) name of your organization or mission,
     (b) purpose for which you wish to use the courses,
     (c) a brief description of your work including location, people group/s and size of your organization such as number of churches you work with.
     (d) references or a web-site to document the legitimacy of your organization. 

Materials will be sent in the form of pdf files which you can print out.  You may be asked to cover the costs of producing the CD disc plus shipping and handling.  Files can be sent over the Internet if you have a high-speed connection. 

Order American versions of the TEE course books

     American versions of some of the TEE courses are available in the USA.  Also available is a programmed book titled
Three-Step Method which teaches you how to use the TEE course books in a leadership or discipleship training program.  DVD's of the four-day Three-Step Method training seminar are available. 
     Books and DVD's are listed below along with their prices.  There will be a shipping fee.  To order books and get a price quote send an e-mail to Bob Sheffler at
robertsheffler@yahoo.com.  Be sure to include the number of each book or set of DVD's you wish to order. 
Three-Step Method - $10.00
     DVD's for Four-Day
Three-Step Method Training Seminar - $18.00
     The Christian Marriage - $12.00
The Christian Faith - $12.00
The Christian Life - $12.00
The Christian Leader: part one and two - $12.00 each
Keep The Restoration Movement Going - $6.00
(DOWNLOAD IT FREE - scroll toward the bottom of this page)
     Let Us Keep The Restoration Movement Going - $2.75
                     (a 40 page booklet, not a TEE course)

Below is a description of all the TEE courses.
     By clicking on the name of a course, you will be able to open a pdf file containing the introduction and table of contents of the African versions.  The American versions may be slightly different.  Week ten of the American version of Christian Marriage covers marriage stability instead of HIV AIDS.  You must have Acrobat Reader to open the files.  (Note: To return to this web page after reading, printing or downloading the pdf file, you must click the return button (left arrow) in the upper left-hand corner of your browser window.)
     Reading these files will give you a better understanding of the contents of each course.  Each course is designed to take 12 weeks which includes an opening session to hand out home-study materials, ten weekly discussion sessions and a closing session where a final exam may be given.  Eleven of these courses were written by Bob Sheffler.  Wayne Meece wrote God is FaithfulLet Us Keep The Restortion Movement Going is a 40 page booklet that breifly explains the Restortion Movement and its principles.  It is not a TEE course.

Click on a course name to see introduction and table of contents:

The Christian Life  (discipleship training)

The Christian Faith  (doctrinal training)

The Christian Marriage

Bible Survey, parts one and two

Faith Hope and Love (First Corinthians)

You Shall Be My Witnesses  (Acts)

Pentateuch One
Pentateuch Two
(Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)

God is Faithful  (Joshua, Judges and Ruth)

                                            (A 40 page booklet, not the TEE course.)
                                            (To see the complete TEE course, look below.)



You can download and print the pdf  file for this ninety-five page study book on the Restoration Movement free of charge.  You can use this book for personal study, group study or leadership training.  If you wish to purchase the book, they are $6.00 each plus shipping.  To download the book, you will need Acrobat Reader or a pdf reader to open the file and print it.  You can download and install a free version of Acrobat Reader from the internet.  Go to https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html

In order for you and/or your group to get the best benefit from the book, you should start with the INSTRUCTIONS.  These are found at the beginning of the book, after the preface and before the table of contents.  The instructions will enable you and/or your group members to properly do the programmed instruction lessons. 

The first lesson you should study is titled INTRODUCTION.  This lesson will prepare you for the rest of the lessons.

ALSO, I suggest that you take the lessons in the order in which they are presented.  The lessons build on each other. That is, lesson two depends on you knowing what is in lesson one, etc.

If you wish to download the book, click on this link: FREE BOOK
(Note: To return to this web page after reading, printing or downloading the file, you must click the return button (left arrow) in the upper left-hand corner of your browser window.)

All Rights Reserved - PERMISSION TO PRINT:
        This book and any section of it MAY BE REPRODUCED on paper or by electronic means without written permission as long as NO CHANGES ARE MADE IN CONTENT.  This book and any section of it MAY BE TRANSLATED AND REPRODUCED on paper or by electronic means without written permission as long as NO CHANGES ARE MADE IN CONTENT.  No one is allowed to publish and sell the book for a profit.

Feed my sheep!  (John 21:15-17)