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T.E.E. Courses

     Below is a list of the T.E.E. courses offered by the Christian Leadership Training Institute. At the bottom of this page is a description of certificates and a diploma offered by the Institute. By clicking on the name of a course, you will be able to open a pdf file containing the introduction and table of contents. You must have Acrobat Reader to open the files. Reading these will give you a better understanding of the contents of each course. Each course is designed to take 12 weeks which includes an opening session to hand out home-study materials, ten weekly discussion sessions and a closing session where a final exam may be given. Eleven of these courses were written by Bob Sheffler. God is Faithful was written by Wayne Meece.
     Compendium of Pastoral Theology and the How to Preach are from Study by Extension for All Nations (SEAN).  We adapted the SEAN courses to Africa with permission from SEAN.  We publish the courses through the Institute by paying royalties to SEAN. Only valid T.E.E. programs are allowed to purchase the SEAN course books.  SEAN courses are used throughout the world in T.E.E. programs and are published in may languages.  To learn more about SEAN, go to the following web site:

Click on a course name to see introduction and table of contents:  NOTE: After reading and/or printing the pdf file, click the back button of your web browser to return to this page.  Do not delete or cancel the page or you may lose your internet connection.  The back button is normally an arrow pointing left in the top left corner of your browser.

The Christian Life (discipleship training)

The Christian Faith
(doctrinal training)

The Christian Marriage

Bible Survey, parts one and two

Faith Hope and Love
(First Corinthians)

You Shall Be My Witnesses

Pentateuch One
, (Genesis)

Pentateuch Two
, (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)

God is Faithful
(Joshua, Judges and Ruth)

The Christian Leader
, parts one and two

Compendium of Pastoral Theology
     The Compendium of Pastoral Theology is a set of six T.E.E. courses based on the life of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.  It also includes a course on how to prepare a sermon. The student is given training in pastoral skills based on the life of Jesus Christ.  The Institute does not use volume six as part of its curriculum. You will not find it listed below but it is available to those who request it. 
     Book 1: Introduction and Infancy
     Book 2: Year of Preparation
     Book 3: Year of Popularity
     Book 4: Year of Passion
     Book 5: The Last Week
                   How to Preach


Certificate in Pastoral Ministries
     Complete the following courses: Christian Life, Christian Faith, Christian Marriage, Bible Survey parts 1 and 2, Faith Hope and Love (1 Corinthians)

Higher Certificate in Pastoral Ministries
     Complete the above courses plus the six Compendium of Pastoral Theology courses.

Vocational Diploma in Pastoral Ministries
     Complete the required courses for the Certificate and the Higher Certificate plus complete the following courses: You Shall Be My Witnesses (Acts of the Apostles), Pentateuch one and two, God Is Faithful (Joshua, Judges and Ruth), The Christian Leader one and two.