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     Train & Multiply materials were developed by two international organizations who joined forces to enable other organizations to benefit from their experience and expertise. The organizations are Study by Extension for All Nations (SEAN) and World Outreach. The Institute paid a fee which allows it to publish and distribute Train & Multiply materials only to churches which are directly involved in its ministry.

Train & Multiply is an activity oriented programme made up of
3 main elements:

(1) Pastoral work in real life on-the-job action and experience.

(2) Home study with simple practical studies.

(3) Regular meetings between the Pastoral Leader-Trainer and his

The aim is to enable churches to grow and multiply by training and mentoring pastoral leaders, evangelists and missionaries with an on-the-job, Biblical discipling system.

The pastoral leader takes personal responsibility to select key students to become pastor-elder trainees. He then meets regularly with them, one at a time, in order to pray, plan and supervise all study and work they must do in the context of their ministry.

Training Materials:
     Train & Multiply materials are made up of 63 different books and booklets used by the student as directed by the trainer. They are not used in any certain order, but are used as needed in the training process. The trainer is given a guide book that assists him in choosing the best practical assignments and the best booklets to use in mentoring each trainee according to his spiritual gifts and opportunities.
     Some of the topics that are covered are: How to study the Bible, Family Prayer, Effective Evangelism, House Church, Lord's Supper, How Small Groups Can Help The Church, and many other interesting topics.
     The trainer must have a full set of the material to effectively meet the needs of those he will train. He will give out or sell out booklets to his students as they are needed in the training process. The cost of each booklet is low and is determined by its size. When he gives out or sells out a booklet, he will need to replace it in his stock so he will have it for the next student. Each trainer along with his church will have to decide how they wish to finance this programme for their church. Here are some possibilities:

(a) The church buys one complete set for the pastor and then, as the pastor sells them to his students, he uses the money to restock. One problem with this is that occasionally the cost of materials will increase and the church will have to cover the increase when the stock in replenished.

(b) The church buys one complete set for the pastor and then also pays for any stock that needs to be replaced as they are given out to the students free of charge.

(c) The pastor buys one complete set and then charges the student as he gives him the booklet. He uses the money to restock and he takes any loss when the cost of the materials go up.

(d) The church buys one complete set for the pastor and then subsidizes the cost to the student by perhaps paying for half of the cost and the student paying the other half. Again the church would cover the loss when the cost goes up.

Training For The Trainer:
The Institute can give training to potential trainers through special arrangements with your area / regional committee. The training takes two days.

Benefits of Train & Multiply:
(a) Students learn on-the-job and at their own educational level. They don't need to leave their homes, family, work or church in order to study. On the contrary, they become Pastoral Leaders-in-Training even though they are called students.

(b) Pastoral Leaders-in-Training, with capacity and dedication, can become Trainers of new students (new Pastoral Leaders-in-Training), thus forming an ever-increasing network of church planting leaders. Both new and old Leaders-in-Training can effectively mobilize their people to obey all that our Lord has commanded us to do. They can assign tasks easily to new workers and measure their progress in small, easy steps.

(c) The programme is affordable to all; so even people of limited resources can afford it. Those with little schooling are not hindered by lack of academic qualifications.

(d) The programme empowers God's people. It is biblical, practical, economical and is proven to work in the city and in the rural areas. As it multiplies students and trainers, it encourages a church towards its God-given goal of church planting and multiplication.