Equip leaders to train MORE leaders!
2 Timothy 2:2



This page will give you a general idea of the costs involved in setting up a three-step training program and administering it.  This page is divided into three subtopics:
                                       (2) TRAINING TRAINERS


     I have twelve programmed courses that I will share with you at no cost.  However, you may need to translate them into a language that is most effective for your field of service. You will need to print them and/or put them into an audio format for those who cannot read or write.  For audio format I suggest MP3.  Only you know what it will cost to do the translation work, print them and/or put them into audio format.  The average size of a course book is 120 pages. 
     Even if you do not need to translate the materials into a different language, you may need to adapt the English and the illustrations to the culture where you work. 
     There are some good programmed study materials for this method available through Study by Extension for All Nations (SEAN).  Their TEE courses may be translated into a language that will work for you.  I obtained permission to adapt seven of their English courses on the Compendium of Pastoral Theology to the English and culture of western African.  The Christian Leadership Training Institute pays a royalty to SEAN on the books they produce.  Six of the books are currently part of the eighteen-course curriculum used by the Institute. 

     You need written permission to use our materials.  No royalty fee is required.  You are free to adapt and translate the materials for your field of service as long as you observe the following rules:
     (1) You may not sell them at a profit.
     (2) You may not change the doctrine within the lessons.
     (3) You must use them in a leadership training program, preferably the three-step method, and not simply as Bible teaching guides. 

     I can give you the English materials in pdf files for easy print out.  Go to the page titled STUDY MATERIALS  to purchase American versions of some of the course books.  Some of the course books are available in French, Spanish and Haitian Creole through Literature and Teaching Ministries - go to www.latm.info.  I encourage you to use these books in the three-step method to get the best results from your investment.

    You will need to produce the course books in printed form and/or make them available in audio format.  The Christian Leadership Training Institute prints its own books at an average cost of $5.00 each using a Risograph printer and comb binding.  Only you know what it will cost you to produce the materials in your area. 


     You need a committee to set goals, policies and procedures for the training program.  This committee should be made up of key leaders who have spiritual wisdom and influence.  Before these leaders can set realistic goals and decide on practical policies and procedures, they need to understand the three-step method and experience it for themselves.

FIRST STEP: The first step is to take your key leaders through the four-day seminar which provides information and experience in the three-part method.  If I do the training, I will cover the cost of my air fare to your location.  You must provide for my accommodations and cover the costs of the seminar.  Click on the green button on the left labeled TRAINING SEMINARS for more information about the seminar. 

SECOND STEP: The next step is for each key leader to organize a study group and be a Group Leader for one or two courses.  After each key leader has taken a group through one or two courses they should have enough experience to set goals, policies and procedures which will make the program successful. 

THIRD STEP: Your key leaders, or someone you have appointed to be administrator of the program, will train more Group Leaders.  You should use the same materials and procedures that I use to train key leaders.  These new Group Leaders must hold positions of leadership where they can start more leadership development classes. 

COST OF TRAINING TRAINERS: In addition to the cost of training key leaders, you may need to help cover the costs of training other leaders.  In order to keep the costs down, I suggest you hold the training region by region.  Ask the regional churches to sponsor the seminar by providing housing and food. 
     I discourage providing financial help for the costs of individual classes such as paying for the costs of the home-study materials or paying the Group Leader.  A subsidy could be given, but never fully cover the costs.  The churches and the participants need to make an investment into the process of training their own leaders.  The churches need to take ownership and see you as only a provider of resources, not a provider of finances. 


     Your key leaders become an oversight committee.  They set goals, policies, and procedures.  They meet on a regular basis to evaluate success of the program and adjust goals, policies and procedures as needed.  Their travel expenses may need to be covered.

     The oversight committee needs to appoint someone to administer the program.  The position could be full-time or part-time depending on the number of classes.  He would need a salary and the necessary resources to carry out his responsibilities.  His responsibilities would include the following:
     (a) Arrange for the purchase and/or production of training materials.
     (b) Supply training materials to Group Leaders.
     (c) Train Group Leaders.
     (d) Visit classes to provide evaluation and encouragement.
     (e) Keep records on the classes. 
      (f) Manage financial resources and keep financial records.

Feed my sheep!  (John 21:15-17)