Equip leaders to train MORE leaders!
2 Timothy 2:2



The seminars are designed for key leaders so they can understand the three-step method and setup their own leadership training program. 

Participants are given training in:
     (1) The dynamics of the three-step method
     (2) How to be a Group Leader
     (3) How to set up and administer an effective T.E.E. program
(Theological Education by Extension)

Participants are given practical experience in:
     (1) Learning through programmed instruction
     (2) Writing effective discussion questions
     (3) Being an effective Group Leader.

The seminar takes four days and includes home-work assignments and practical experience in group discussion.

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To request a training seminar for your key leaders, write to Bob at the following e-mail address: robertsheffler@yahoo.com


You can organize your own training seminar by purchasing my book titled
Three-Step Method.  For information on how to purchase the book along with American versions of the TEE course books, go to the page titled STUDY MATERIALS

Downloads for training seminars are listed below.  Click on the name of the download  to open the PDF file.  Print the file for a master from which you make photocopies or save it to on your computer for later use.  (Note: To return to this web page after printing or downloading the pdf file, you must click the return button (left arrow) in the upper left-hand corner of your browser window.)

     Thirty-Page Outline - for seminar participants
     The Christian Life - first week of lessons
     The Christian Faith - first week of lessons
     The Christian Marriage - first week of lessons

Examples of Training Seminars
Over 70 leaders came from the islands of Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Samar, Leyte, Palawan, Iloilo and other smaller islands.  A team of six leaders met for special sessions on how to setup an effective training program.  Two courses were translated into Cebuano and Ilonggo in preparation for the training.  Participants noted that the method was very Biblically based and very simple to use.  Missionary Paul Wilson is encouraging and enabling church leaders to implement the program.  He is facilitating the translation and publication of TEE materials in four languages. 

ETHIOPIA-June 2010

Seventeen staff members of the Great Commission Movement completed the training.  The course on Christian Marriage was translated into Amharic in preparation for the seminar.  Participants commented that the program was both Biblical and easy to use.  Eshete Belete is overseeing the implementation of the program.  A pilot program was started as they worked on establishing policies and procedures.  Three courses have thus far been translated and published in Amharic, the language of Ethiopia.  The program is now expanding to various parts of the nation.  The Great Commission Movement works with thousands of churches with mostly lay leaders.  The opportunities and needs for this program are great in Ethiopia.

IVORY COAST-September 2010

Andy Gable of Christian Missionary Fellowship asked us to assist in strengthening their leadership development program.  They use a combination of T.E.E. courses and intensive training seminars.   T.E.E. Courses have been translated into French, but only a few have been utilized.  Their administrative leaders revitalized and expanded the T.E.E. part of their training program.

INDIA - February 2012

I had the privilege of teaching thirteen lead evangelists working with North Andhra Coastal Evangelizing Association.  We covered some principles of leadership development and the TEE method of multiplying leaders.  T.B. Paul and his family have started 50 churches in their home region in ten years.  They have a training program for their evangelists but need to develop a more effective way of training leaders for the local church.  Since many of their potential leaders do not read nor write, they will use audio lessons followed by open discussion led by an evangelist. 

HAITI - August 2013

     Working with GSI Haiti and sixteen church leaders in the Fond de Blanc area, I introduced them to the three-step method of leadership development.    We set up an ad-hoc committee to work on policies and ways to administer a TEE program in their area.
     I return in 2014 to train group leaders for pilot classes that will enable them to determine the best way to operate the classes.  Three TEE courses in Haitian Creole have been published by Literature and Teaching Ministries.  

Feed my sheep!  (John 21:15-17)